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cherie corinne rice

Hi, I’m Cherie

And This Is My Philosophy

  Building my career has meant wearing many hats; dialect coach, actor, director, ivy league professor, high school teacher, program head and choreographer, though each job requires varying skills, there is one principal that radiates through each of these practices; BALANCE. Balance is not a fixed point, it is the ever shifting exercise of adjusting to the given circumstances. 

    I strive to create balance from the inside out. I recognize that my job is often to inspire, audiences and students alike, and that requires a sense of self that is tough and compassionate, overt and subtle, strong and flexible.  

      As a voice and speech teacher I require my students to find their breath, create balance, and get in touch with their feelings. Healing the inside before we attempt to put character on the outside. I approach my work as an actor the same way, I must to be a whole person first. My life has many facets, which gives me a sense of pride, with a healthy dose of humility. Feel free to get to know my many sides, right here, right now.          

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