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voice teaching 

My classroom has been described as a sacred space. It is a space filled with ritual. There is a balance and an order to my practice as a voice and speech teacher, that contains elements of church, meditation, yoga, community, catharsis and healing. 

Through the meditative, physical and emotional exploration of the "Rice" vocal warm-up, students develop a facility and ease with recognizing when and how physical tension in the body can effect the voice, as well as the impact of past trauma on the expression and placement of the voice. Each warm-up culminates in full and balanced expressions of the voice, which in turn helps to transition to the lessons of the day. 

The spirit of my classroom combines ritual with rigor. I teach methodically so that students’ progress is not only apparent by the end of the semester but that the group as a whole has elevated their listening, group breathing and vocal technique. I demand that my classroom be a safe space, where students are confident enough to make self-exploratory leaps; leaps based on the solid technical and emotional skills that artists of this new era must possess. 

My unique style has provided opportunities to teach students at Columbia University School of the Arts, Brown University, NYU, Professional Performing Arts School, Fiasco Theater Co., Stories for Strength and Young Artists Summer Institute. 

Teaching Resume 

Dialect Poem Example  2019 Drama 4

Dialect Poem Example 2019 Drama 4

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